Industrial Artificial Intelligence Platform

Why we need Traceability on Manufacturing Industry?


· The Problem

Manufacturing plants don't start up their production at their beginning of the shift.

10 minutes delaying production means $1,000,000 salaries + $4,000,000 productivity on losses, considering 1,000 employees on a year.

· Solution

Industrial Artificial Intelligence Platform


  • How it works

1. Anticipated list of attendance. Employees (Tracked)

2. The workers arrive (Tracked)

3. Assigned Employees by Skills and Training (Tracked)

4. Sends employees to machines (Tracked)


5. Critical lines covered 100%

· Benefits:

List of employees who will go to work before the shift starts.

Automated distribution of your operators to production lines.

Production critical lines starts when shift begins.

Intelligent distribution in real time of work force based on skills, training and certifications.

Data mining & analytics.

Critical operations & System alerts.

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